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Geesje Stroo ,Teacher in Art&Culture, Educator, Teachers Coach, Artist and co-creator of the Flow in Education Collective in the Netherlands was born and lived in Zeeland on one of the beach islands in the South West of Holland. She currently lives and works in Amsterdam as a Teacher in Art and Culture in Secondary Education. She has traveled extensively. Through her 30-year time in teaching, she has gained a lot of experience; specific in guiding creative processes. Her passion is about creating a new perspective on education and on transforming who we are as humans as part of the developmental evolutionary process. In her contribution to shifting education she has been focusing on creating conscious collective fields in her classrooms, developing multiple intelligences and in training collective awareness in groups. After a profound Buddhist practice of 7 years she has been training the last 25 years in Evolutionary Spirituality and in Mutual Relational Collective Emergence.